ASSE Consultants Directory

Are you looking for expert help with occupational safety and health (OSH) issues? The ASSE Consultants Directory provides organizations with the place to find consulting firms and individual consultants with expertise in safety, health, and environmental regulatory compliance, management systems, and other customized OHS services.

Hiring a Safety Consultant?

There are different reasons to consider hiring a safety consultant. You may need help with a specific project beyond the capabilities or availability of internal resources. Your organization may want an external assessment of the organization’s EH&S regulatory compliance or management systems. You may be dealing with a citation or violation from a regulatory agency and need help identifying response options.

You took the first step in your search for a safety expert – you came to the ASSE Consultants Directory. Use the Search screen to find candidates by geography (state and/or city) and/or type of project (keyword). Once you have the list of potential consultants, contact them to confirm their expertise, experience, suitability for the specific work, fees, and compatibility/style of work. Read more about hiring a safety consultant.

The Safety, Health, and Environmental Profession is changing and business and industry is going to be relying more and more on outside safety consulting expertise to reach their global goals.  I think the ASSE Consultants Directory is a solid compendium of contacts and leads for safety consulting service to business and industry.   If a company is looking for a safety consultant this is the place they need to look through first.

- Darryl Hill, Johnson Controls

The new Consultants Directory is a great service for business and industry. Safety, health, and environmental management is growing and it is important that business leaders have access to people with the knowledge and ability to implement programs that protect workers and also contribute to the bottom line.

- Tracey Riepenhoff, LJB Inc.

The ASSE Consultants Directory has been a great tool for me to use when looking for outside additional expertise.  It is easy to use and represents a great collection of expertise and knowledge. If you need a safety consultant I would start here.

- James D. Smith, Arthur J. Gallagher & Company